Fall 2019

November 21

Catherine Potts (Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, MSU):  Title of Talk is "Archetypal Analysis: Representation and Meaning"

November 14

Dr. Jia Zhao (Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics, Utah State University):  Title of Talk is "Modeling and Numerical Approximations of Thermodynamically Consistent Systems with Applications in Biological Problems"

November 5

Dr. Bjorn Sandstede (Division of Applied Mathematics, Brown University): Title of Talk is "Localized Planar Patterns"

October 24

Dr. Lisa Davis (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, MSU):  Title of Talk is "Montana Partnership for Broadening Career Pathways for Mathematics and Statistics Students"

October 17

William Johns (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, MSU):  Title of Talk is "Rational approximations for modeling EM transients in transmission lines"

October 10

Dr. Bree Cummins (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, MSU):  Title of Talk is "Using Extremal Events to Characterize Noisy Time Series"

October 3

Dr. Braxton Osting (Dept. of Mathematics, University of Utah):  Title of Talk is "Diffusion-generated methods for target-valued maps"

September 19

Dr. Vrushali Bokil (Dept. of Mathematics, Oregon State University):  Title of Talk is "Compatible Discretizations of Maxwell's Equations in Complex Materials"

September 12

Dr. Andrew J. Bernoff (Math Dept., Harvey Mudd College):  Title of Talk is "Agent-Based and Continuous Models of Locust Hopper Brands"

September 5

Dr. Tomas Gedeon (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, MSU):  Title of Talk is "Regulatory network analysis, biopolymerization, micro RNA detection assay and microbial consortia"

Spring 2019:

January 17

Dr. Diane Debinski (Ecology Department, MSU): Title of Talk is "Chasing Down Biodiversity Patterns and Processes"

January 24

Dr. Jack Dockery (Dept. of Mathematical Sciences, MSU): Title of Talk is "Signaling and Traveling Waves in Biofilms"

January 31

Dr. Maryam Bahramipanah (Electrical & Computer Engineering, MSU): Title of Talk is "Decentralized Adaptive Model-Based Real-Time Control of Active Distribution Networks Using Energy Storage Systems"

February 7

Dr. David Millman (Computer Science, MSU): Title of Talk is "Some Geometric Problems in Monte Carlo Transport Solvers" 

February 14

Dr. Bradley Whitaker (Electrical & Computer Engineering, MSU): Title of Talk is "Frozen Dictionary Learning for Classification"

February 21

Dr. Eric Sproles (Earth Sciences, MSU): Title of Talk is "Finding the Sweet Spot at the Intersection of Data, Spatial, and Earth Science"

February 28

Dr. Nicholas Borys (Physics, MSU): Title of Talk is "Mining Data to Reveal Hidden Physics in Two-Dimensional Semiconductors at Ultra-Small Length Scales"

March 7

Dr. Yuriko Yano (Ecology, MSU): Title of Talk is "How Does a Warmer Climate Affect Soil Nutrients, and How Would Trees Cope with Such Changes?"

March 14

Dr. Catherine Haase (Ecology, MSU): Title of Talk is "Modeling The Energetic Costs of Disease: A Case Study of the Bioenergetics of White-Nose Syndrom in Western Bats"

March 28

Dr. Anne Lohfink (Physics, MSU): Title of Talk is "Illuminating the Surrounding of Black Holes"

April 4

Nellie Ciesielski (PhD Student, Mathematical Sciences, MSU): Title of Dissertation Defense is "Modeling a Biphasic DNA Amplification Reaction"

April 9

Dr. Faranak Pahlevani (Mathematics Department, Penn State Univ-Abington): Title of Talk is "Energy, Enstrophy and Parameter Sensitivity of the Time Relaxation Model"

April 11

Anthony Gaussoin (PhD Student, Mathematical Sciences, MSU): Title of Dissertation Defense is "Designing Pattern Formation Through Anisotrophy" 

April 25

Dr. Puck Rombach (Mathematics, University of Vermont): Title of Talk is "Role Colorying Graphs in Hereditary Classes"


If you are looking for earlier years of seminars, please contact the Mathematical Sciences Department at math@montana.edu and a list can be generated.