January 29

MSU Librarians, Star Bradley and Mary Anne Hansen provide a talk called "Ramp Up your Research."  They will encourage you to use the wide spectrum of resources and services at the MSU Library.  The main focus will be on research in statistics but the resources discussed are of interest for other areas in mathematical sciences.

March 4

Rob Bachler and Scott Jones, speakers from Milliman (an actuarial firm in Seattle) will talk about Actuarial Careers at Milliman - Seattle Health.  Wilson Hall 1-144, 3:10-4:00pm

March 13

Dr. Derek Sonderegger (Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Northern Arizona University):  Title of Talk is "Assessing the Effect of Incomplete Sampling on Disease Transmission Networks"

March 14

Statistics MS Writing Project Presentations:

Graduate Student          
Title of Presentation                                  
Laurie Rugemer Implications of left-censored environmental data due to labeling "non-detects"
Noah Benedict Text Mining: The Journey So Far
Sarah McKnight  Statistical Analysis for Financial Data
Laura Lartey  Block Designs with missing observations: Incorporating MLEs for missing data in ANOVA models
Bright Owusu  An Introduction to Line Transect Sampling
Tristan Anacker To t-SNE or not to t-SNE

March 26

Statistics MS Writing Project Presentations:

Graduate Student                     
Title of Presentation
Wyatt Madden Hendra Virus Spillover in Eastern Australia During Winter of 2011
Jordan Love Using Paired Comparison Models to find Hitbox Advantages
Brad West Predicting Fine Art Auction Prices
Rachel Wyand Occupancy Models for Estimating the Prevalence of Blister Rust in Whitebark Pine in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem


April 26

Dr. Jennifer Hill (Professor of Applied Statistics and Data Science, NYU):  Title of Talk is "BART for Causal Inference: How Combining Machine Learning and Statistics make life easier"

April 29

Tan Tran  (PhD Student, Mathematical Sciences, MSU): Title of Dissertation Defense is "Monothetic Cluster Analysis with Extenstions to Circular and Functional Data"

June 18

Dr. Haipeng Shen (Patrick S C Poon Professor in Analytics and Innovation, Faculty of Business and Economics, University of Hong Kong):  Title of Talk is "Information Analytics: A Statistician's Perspective"


If you are looking for earlier years of seminars, please contact the Mathematical Sciences Department at math@montana.edu and a list can be generated.