The department offers programs of study in both pure and applied mathematics. Programs of study focus on mathematics which provides appropriate training for employment in academia, industry, or government. Pure areas of emphasis include dynamical systems, topology, complex analysis and global analysis. Applied areas of emphasis include mathematical biology, computational mathematics, inverse and ill-posed problems, numerical analysis, and sensitivity theory. Interdisciplinary research opportunities in biological, engineering and physical applications are encouraged in the applied program component. Recent research topics include:

  • substitution tiling spaces
  • dynamics of iterated maps on surfaces and rotation sets
  • linearizability of complex polynomial germs
  • Conley index theory
  • symbolic dynamics
  • continuum theory
  • Pisot numbers
  • harmonic polynomials
  • Biofilm and bio-remediation modelling
  • Oscillations in excitable media and neuroscience
  • Wave propagation in chemical and biological systems
  • Sensitivity methods with applications to MAVs and control of pinned beams
  • Inverse problems methods for image enhancement
  • Gene regulation modelling and genetic algorithm dynamics
  • Neural coding

Updated on: 10/04/2013.