The mathematics education faculty in the department characterizes its work as "applied mathematics education," oriented toward the preparation and professional development of mathematics teachers and the development of effective school mathematics curriculum. The faculty actively pursues grants to fund research focused on delivering effective professional development and developing curriculum materials for K-12 mathematics teachers. Areas of emphasis include teacher preparation, coaching and mentoring in-service teachers, on-line learning among practicing teachers, technology-supported classroom instruction, problem-based learning, and curriculum development for K-12 mathematics. Graduate students design research projects in alignment with faculty interests and current projects. Students in the master's degree option will engage in school-based action research, while the doctoral program includes both qualitative and quantitative experimental research.

Recent Dissertation Research Topics Include

  • Pedagogical content knowledge in algebra among pre-service elementary teachers
  • Frameworks for procedural understanding in algebra
  • Computer algebra systems in collegiate developmental mathematics
  • Knowledge construction among mathematics teachers in on-line courses
  • Linking task structure and cognitive demand among on-line learners

Recent Professional Activities Include

  • Center for Learning and Teaching in the West (NSF-funded CLT): on-line course development; instruction, and dissertation advising for doctoral Fellows across five campuses
  • e-Mentoring for Student Success (NSF-funded MSP): mathematics specialist for multi-state teacher mentoring program in mathematics
  • Mathematics and Science Partnerships (DOE-funded MSP): design, administer, and evaluate three projects to improve content knowledge of K-12 mathematics teachers
  • Editorial work for NCTM Navigations high school book series, yearbooks and journals; publication in journals for mathematics education, professional development, and distance learning
  • Active involvement in MCTM, AMTE and MAA including national MAA Committee on the Mathematical Education of Teachers

Updated on: 02/07/2012.