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Name Advisor Year Title Version(s)
Griffiths, Roger Pernarowski 2003 Return Map Characterizations of Singular Solutions for a Model of Bursting with Two Slow Variables pdf,   ps
Koonprasert, Sanoe Bowers 2003 The Sinc-Galerkin Method for Problems in Oceanography pdf,   ps
Parker, Albert Gedeon 2003 Symmetry Breaking Bifurcation of the Information Distortion pdf,   ps
Bardsley, John Vogel 2002 Constrained Optimization Techniques for Image Reconstruction pdf,   ps
Jacklitch, James Barge 2001 Homeomorphism of One-Dimensional Hyperbolic Attractors pdf,   ps
Martensen, Brian Barge 2001 The Topological Complexity of Cr-Diffeomorphisms With Homoclinic Tangency pdf,   ps
Johnson-Qson, Luther Barge 2000 The Topology of Laminations pdf
Lewis, Scott Swanson 2000 Conjugacy and Entropy of Piecewise Mobius Contact Deformations pdf
Pritchett, Lori Dockery 2000 Analysis of a One Dimensional Biofilm Model pdf
Riley, Kyle Vogel 1999 Two-Level Preconditioners for Regularized Ill-Posed Problems pdf
Brown, Sharon Dockery 1998 A Reaction Diffusion Model for Competing Pioneer and Climax Species pdf
Raquepas, Joe Dockery 1997 Geometric Analysis of a Reaction-Diffusion Equation With Nonlocal Inhibition pdf
Tiwari, Sunil Bowers 1997 Biofilm Growth in a Homogeneous Porous Medium ps
Carlson, Tim Lund 1995 A Sinc-Collocation Method for Burgers' Equation pdf
Hoar, Bob Vogel 1995 Adaptive Stencil Finite Difference Methods for Wave Equations ps


Name Advisor Year Title Version(s)
Chomtee, Boonorm Borkowski 2003 Comparison of Design Optimality Criteria of Reduced Models for Response Surface Designs in a Spherical Design Region pdf
Choochaow, Kamolchanok (Jo) Boik 2002 Dimension Reduction in PCA : Likelihood-based Methods pdf,   ps
Holdbrook, Frederick Quimby 2001 Modified Cumulative Sum Procedures for Count Data With Application to Early Detection of Morbidity in Radio Frequency-Monitored Animals pdf
Webb, Derek Borkowski 1999 Randomization Restrictions and the Inadvertent Split Plot in Industrial Experimentation pdf

Math Education

Name Advisor Year Title Version(s)
Ballard, Jim Hodgson 2000 Students' Use of Multiple Representations in Mathematical Problem Solving pdf
Helfgott, Michel Andersen 1997 Integrated Calculus