Glenn D. Allinger

(Retired 1997), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education, mathematics education

  • Ph.D.(1972) University of Utah, M.A.T. (1968) Washington State University, B.S. (1962) Baldwin Wallace College. 
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Lyle E. Andersen

(Retired 2002), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education, mathematics education

  • Ed.D. (1976) University of Denver, M.S. (1963) University of North Dakota, B.S. (1958) Augustana College.
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Jeffrey D. Banfield

(Retired 2012), Associate Professor of Statistics, statistical computation, pattern recognition

  • Ph.D.(1987) University of Washington, M.S. (1982) University of Arkansas, B.S. (1979) Colorado State University.
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Marcy M. Barge

(Retired 2012), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, dynamical systems, topology

  • Ph.D.(1980) University of Colorado, M.A. (1974) Arizona State University, B.A. (1972) Fort Lewis College.
  • Office phone: 406-994-5355
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Louis C. Barrett

(Recently Deceased) (Retired 1989), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

  • Ph.D.(1956), M.S. (1951) and General B.S. (1948), University of Utah.

Robert J. Boik

(Retired 2009), Professor Emeritus of Statistics, linear models, multivariate analysis

  • Ph.D.(1984) and M.S. (1982) Temple University, Psychology (1975) and M.S. (1973) Baylor University, B.A. (1971) University of St. Thomas. 
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Kenneth L. Bowers

(Retired 2014), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, applied mathematics, numerical partial differential equations

  • Ph.D.(1982) Colorado State University, M.A. (1976) and B.S. (1974) Ball State University.

Sandra S. Bowers

(Retired 2014), Instructor of Mathematics

  • M.A.T (1982) Colorado State University and B.S. (1976) Ball State University.

Maurice Burke

(Retired 2011), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics Education, mathematics education

  • Ph.D.(1984) and M.S. (1978) University of Wisconsin, B.A. (1976) Oxford University, B.S. (1974) Montana State University. 
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Steve Cherry

(Retired 2017), Professor Emeritus of Statistics, statistical applications in ecology and environmental science

  • Ph.D.(1994) and M.S.(1990) Montana State University
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James F. Robison-Cox

(Retired 2016), Professor Emeritus of Statistics, nonlinear and generalized linear models, stat computing, stat consulting, and stat education

  • Ph.D.(1991) Iowa State University, M.A. (1988) University of Montana, B.S. (1984) Montana State University.
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Norman H. Eggert

(Retired 1998), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, approximation theory

  • Ph.D.(1966) University of Colorado, M.S. (1963) Utah State University, B.A. (1961) DePaul University. 
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Warren W. Esty

(Retired, 2015) Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, probability theory, mathematics education

  • Ph.D.(1973) and M.A. (1967) University of Wisconsin, B.A. (1966) Oberlin College.
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Richard M. Gillette

(Retired 2006), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, topology, dynamical systems

  • Ph.D.(1962) University of Utah, B.S. (1957) University of Nevada. 
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Martin A. Hamilton

(Retired 2002), Professor Emeritus of Statistics, biostatistics, statistical inference

  • Ph.D.(1968) Stanford University, M.S. (1962) and B.S. (1961) University of Wyoming. 
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Richard E. Lund

(Retired 1995), Professor Emeritus of Statistics; agricultural statistics

  • Ph.D. (1967) Iowa State University, M.S. (1960) University of Wyoming, B.A. (1957) University of Nebraska Omaha.

Byron L. McAllister

(Recently Deceased) (Retired 1991), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics

  • Ph.D.(1966) University of Wisconsin-Madison, M.A. (1955) and B.A. (1951) University of Utah.

Kay McAllister

(Retired 1999), Instructor of Mathematics

  • B.S. (1962) University of Wisconsin. 

Mary S. Pohl

(Retired 2005), Instructor of Mathematics

  • M.S. (1972) Iowa State University and B.S. (1968) Morningside College. 

Mary Ann Sojda

(Retired) Instructor of Mathematics

  • M.S. (1978) Iowa State University and B.S. (1974) State University College at Buffalo.
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Richard C. Swanson

(Retired 2012), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, global analysis, dynamical systems

  • Ph.D. (1976) University of California-Santa Cruz, B.A. (1970) University of Colorado.
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Judy Tucker

(Retired 2013),Instructor of Mathematics

  • B.S. (1985) Montana State University - Billings.
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Curtis R. Vogel

(Retired 2010), Professor Emeritus of Mathematics, computational mathematics, inverse and ill-posed problems

  • Ph.D.(1983) and M.S. (1979) Colorado State University, B.S. (1977) Montana State University. 
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Russell B. Walker

(Retired 2012), Professor of Emeritus of Mathematics, dynamical systems

  • Ph.D.(1977), M.A. (1974) and A.B. (1972) University of California, Berkeley.
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