Kenneth L. Bowers


  • Ph.D. (1982) Colorado State University
  • M.A. (1976) and B.S. (1974) Ball State University

Contact Information

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Professor Bowers' research focus is in applications of numerical analysis to the solution of partial differential equations and mathematical modeling. This includes fluid dynamics, porous media flow, biofilms, and oceanography. He has published research in a wide range of journals including Applied Mathematics and ComputationApplied Numerical MathematicsIMA Journal of Numerical AnalysisInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in EngineeringInternational Journal for Numerical Methods in FluidsMathematical and Computer ModellingNumerical Methods for Partial Differential EquationsSIAM Journal on Numerical AnalysisNumerische MathematikInverse Problems, and Journal of Computational Physics. He is also co-editor of the volumes Computation & Control I, II, III, IV, V, & VI and co-author of the book Sinc Methods for Quadrature and Differential Equations.


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