Robert J. Boik


  • Ph.D. (1984) and M.S. (1982) Temple University
  • Ph.D. in Psychology (1975) and M.S. (1973) Baylor University
  • B.A. (1971) University of St. Thomas


Professor Boik's research interests include linear models, multivariate statistics, latent variable methods, mathematical statistics, generalized linear models, Bayesian statistics, and applications to behavioral sciences. He has more than 40 publications, including research papers in Applied StatisticsBiometrikaBritish Journal of Mathematical and Statistical PsychologyComputational Statistics and Data AnalysisJournal of the American Statistical AssociationJournal of Applied StatisticsJournal of Educational and Behavioral StatisticsJournal of Multivariate AnalysisPsychological Bulletin,Psychometrika.

Professor Boik is on the editorial board of Psychological Methods and is an associate editor of Psychometrika.