Mathematics courses are crucial stepping stones for many majors at MSU, and at the same time can become stumbling blocks as well. Across the country, universities are providing supplemental assistance to students in these critical courses and seeing increased success and retention as a result. Hence, beginning fall semester 2009, students enrolled in undergraduate mathematics (M) and statistics (STAT) courses delivered by the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montana State University will be charged a program fee with the primary goals of:

  1. Offering high-quality, individualized mathematics education beyond the classroom experience.
  2. Helping to support and increase student access to advanced technology in mathematics and statistics courses.
  3. Staffing and equipping computer learning centers, the Math Learning Center, and the Math Testing Center to assure quality is maintained and assistance is enhanced in these facilities.
  4. Providing additional learning enhancements such as recitations, tutoring, and guided review sessions as well as delivering new computer-assisted learning opportunities.
  5. Enhancing the recruitment of highly qualified instructors.

Fee Structure

  • Currently $6.05 per credit


All aspects of the fee implementation are designed to be fully accountable to students, faculty, and University administrators. The following are highlights:

  • It is anticipated that a review of the budget and expenditures will be made regularly (at least annually).
  • The Department of Mathematical Sciences web site will contain a link to a page where all budget items and expenditures are summarized on a fiscal year basis. Any interested party may examine this budget and provide comment to Department administration at any time.

Updated on 10/8/2018