Talk by Dr. Maryam Bahramipanah (Electrical & Computer Engineering Department, MSU)

1/31/2019   Wilson Hall 1-144   3:10-4:00pm


In the last decades, the massive connection of Distributed Generations (DGs) triggers different operation challenges in Active Distribution Networks (ADNs). Thus, the issue of real-time control of ADNs became more challenging caused by the lack of direct control over stochastic and non-stochastic DGs. In this talk, a real-time decentralized control algorithm in multi-area ADNs relying only on dispersed Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESSs) will be addressed. Firstly, a detailed dynamic model for BESSs accounting for charge redistribution effects will be presented. Then, a zonal control strategy targeting voltage support and line congestion management will be addressed. The presented zonal control relies on the accurate dynamic model of BESSs and it is capable to account for their DC active power limits. The communication among different areas is defined using the concept of multi-agents. The goal is to show that in order to have a feasible voltage and current profile for battery devices, the control algorithm needs to include their detailed dynamic model.