Talk by Dr. Britany Terese Fasy (School of Computing and Mathematical Sciences, MSU)

03/29/2021  4:10-5:15pm  Zoom Meeting

Abstract:  The persistence diagram is a topological summary that is gaining traction as a (directional) descriptor of shapes in Euclidean space. Recent work has shown that a well-chosen sets of diagrams can differentiate between geometric simplicial complexes, providing a method for representing shapes using a finite set of topological descriptors. Many of the papers using this representation demonstrate that it works well when applied to problems such as clustering. In this talk, we will discuss directional persistence diagrams and other topological descriptors as representations of shapes in Euclidean space.

This presentation is related to a couple collaborations, including with Jessi Ciseweski-Kehe, Sam Micka, David Millman, Amit Patel, Anna Schenfisch, and Lucy Williams.