All talks will be in 1-141 Wilson Hall. For directions see this campus map. Talks should be approximately one hour, additional time can be allocated as needed. The following schedule is only a guideline, it might still change a bit during the workshop.

 Timeframe Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:30 T1 Q2 P2 (starts at 9:00) T4 Q4
11:00 T2 P1 Q3 (starts at 10:15) S2 B2
12:30 Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch Lunch
2:00 Q1 T3   M1 M2
3:30 S1 B1   P3 T5?
Key and links to the papers
Key Link Assignees 
T1-5 Dylan Thurston: From rubber bands to rational maps Mario Bonk, Zhiqiang Li, Pietro Poggi-Corradini
Q1-4 Scott Sheffield: Quantum gravity and inventory accumulation Brent Werness, Huy Vo Tran, Steffen Rohde
S1-2 John H. Hubbard and Dierk Schleicher: The spider algorithm Peter Lin
B1-2 Martin T. Barlow and Richard F. Bass: The construction of Brownian motion on the Sierpinski carpet James T. Gill
P1-3 John Milnor: Pasting together Julia sets: A worked out example of mating Ilia Binder
M1-3 Suzanne Hruska Boyd and Christian Henriksen: The Medusa algorithm for polynomial matings Lukas Geyer

There will be an informal get-together Sunday night before the workshop at Montana Ale Works on 611 E Main St.


Lukas Geyer