Mathematics Courses - Undergraduate
M 145Q
Contemporary Mathematics
Course Supervisor: John Lund 
Student Success Coordinator: Kimberly Graham 
Basic skills in applicable mathematics including financial matters (simple and compound interest, annuities and loans), trigonometry and some elementary statistics.
Math 105
College Algebra 
Course Supervisor: and Student Success Coordinator Heidi Staebler-Wiseman 
Focus is on using previously learned algebra to model and solve problems, and to explore various types of functions such as linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic.
M-132 Numbers & Operations for K-8 Teachers 
Course Supervisor: Mary Alice Carlson
The study of number and operations for prospective elementary and middle school teachers, including whole numbers, decimals, fractions, percents, integers, operations, numeration systems, and problem solving.
M-133Q Geometry & Geometric Measurement for K-8 Teachers 
Course Supervisor: Megan Wickstrom
The study of geometry and geometric measurement for prospective elementary and middle school teachers, including synthetic, transformational, and coordinate geometry, constructions, congruence and similarity, 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional measurement, and problem solving.
Math 160Q
Course Supervisor: Jack Dockery
Student Success Coordinator: Jocelyn Short 
A course designed to produce a deep understanding of algebra and trigonometry so students will be well-prepared for calculus.
Math 170Q
Survey of Calculus 
Course Supervisor: John Lund
Student Success Coordinator: Kim Nordby 
A survey of basic calculus including limits, differentiation, and integration with applications to business, biology, and social science problems.
Math 175Q

Calculus for Technology I 
Course Supervisor and Student Success Coordinator: Kim Nordby
Calculus with emphasis on problems of interest to engineering technologists. Includes analytic geometry, differentiation, and introduction to integration

Math 176Q

Calculus for Technology II 
Course Supervisor and Student Success Coordinator: Kim Nordby
Calculus with emphasis on problems of interest to engineering technologies. Includes analytic geometry, differentiation, and introduction to integration.

Math 181Q
Calculus I 
Course Supervisor: Jack Dockery
Student Success Coordinator: Veronica Baker 
This first semester of calculus concentrates on the fundamentals of the derivative and its applications: tangent lines to curves; optimization problems; velocity and acceleration. There is also an introduction to integration with applications to geometry and physics.
Math 182Q
Calculus II
Course Supervisor: Mark Pernarowski
Student Success Coordinator: Corinne Casolara 
The second semester of calculus covers integration theory, methods of integration, applications of the integral, Taylor's theorem, infinite sequences and series. The course also includes a brief coverage of parametric and polar equations.
Math 191Q
Honors Calculus I
Instructors: Tomas Gedeon and Jarek Kwapisz
Topic coverage parallels M 171 but with a greater emphasis on theory and more difficult problems.
Math 221
Introduction to Linear Algebra
Course Supervisor: John Lund
Matrix algebra, systems of linear equations, determinants, vector algebra and geometry in Euclidean 3-space, eigenvalues, eigenvectors.
Math 256
Methods of Proof
Course Supervisor: Lisa Davis and Ryan Grady
Reasoning and communication in mathematics, including logic, generalization, existence, definition, proof, and the language of mathematics. Topics include functions, relations, set theory, recursion, algebra, number theory, and other areas of mathematics.
Math 224Q
Multivariable Calculus 
Course Supervisor: Jarek Kwapisz
Student Success Coordinator: Christina Hayes
Topics in two and three dimensional geometry. Manipulation and application of vectors. Functions of several variables, contour maps, graphs, partial derivatives, gradients, double and triple integration, vector fields, line integrals, surface integrals, Green's Theorem, Stoke's Theorem, the Divergence Theorem.
Math 225Q
Introduction to Differential Equations 
Course Supervisor: Jack Dockery
An introduction to the qualitative and quantitative methods for ordinary differential equations. Topics include modeling via differential equations, linear and nonlinear first order differential equations, linear second order differential equations, higher order linear equations (limited discussion), Laplace transform techniques, series solutions and first order systems(limited discussion).
Math 234
Honors to Multivariable Calculus
Instructor: Mark Pernarowski
Topic coverage parallels M273 but with a greater emphasis on theory and more difficult problem solving.

Introduction to Analysis I 
Course Supervisor: Jack Dockery
A rigorous development of calculus with formal proofs. Functions, sequences, limits, continuity, differentiation, and integration.
Statistics Courses - Undergraduate
STAT 216

Introduction to Statistics
Course Supervisor: Stacey Hancock
Student Success Coordinator: Jade Schmidt
Traditional and resistant estimators of location and spread, fundamentals of inference using randomization and classical methods, confidence intervals, and tests of hypotheses

STAT 217 Intermediate Statistical Concepts 
Course Supervisor: Mark Greenwood
One-and two sample tests and associated confidence intervals for means and proportions; one-way analysis of variance; F-tests, correlation, regression, contingency tables. Statistical analysis using the computer.


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