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As members of the DEI task force in the Mathematical Sciences Department, we have been asking ourselves how we value diversity, equity, and inclusion in our discipline, and where do we need to grow and change. Though our work continues to evolve, the concepts that we are developing in our disciplines are both encouraging and challenging. Both fields, mathematics and statistics, welcome different ways of approaching problems, a value that readily extends to a variety of perspectives. Also, mathematical abstraction lends itself to, and is born from, applications. A more diverse community of mathematicians and statisticians broadens the range of priorities represented by those developing and applying methodology, resulting in more innovative approaches that are responsive to a wider range of societal needs. We also recognize that mathematical and statistical models can disguise biased values and propagate inequity. Indeed, a typical first step in developing a model is deciding which parameters of a system are the salient ones to measure.


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What can the Mathematical Sciences Offer to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 


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Diversity and Inclusion Framework Report



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