My main areas of research lie within algebraic and computational topology.

Current projects

  • Additivity of non-locally constant factorization algebras: In this project we prove an analog of Dunn's additivity for non-locally constant factorization algebras. This result for the case of locally constant factorization algebras on an arbitrary manifold has been proven before, but the proofs rely on Dunn's additivity. Our work is independent of Dunn's additivity. In particular, our work provides a new proof of Dunn's additivity. 
  • 2-group bundles and equivariant elliptic cohomology: We are investigating the connection between 2-groups and equivariant elliptic cohomology. More specifically, we are using the theory of 2-groups to explicitly construct a line bundle on the moduli stack of G-bundles on elliptic curves. We then compare our construction with the classical construction via transgression. This project stemmed from the 2019 MRC on equivariant elliptic cohomology and is joint work with D. Berwick-Evans, E. Cliff, A. Nakade, E. Phillips, R.J. Rennie, and L. Wells. 


E. Berry, Y.C. Chen,  J. Cisewski-Kehe, and B.T. Fasy. (2020) Functional summaries of persistence diagrams. Accepted for publication in Journal of Applied and Computational Topology. 

E. Berry, R. Nerem, B. Cummins, T. Gedeon, L. Smith, and S. Haase. (2019) Characterizing extremal events in noisy time series. Journal of Mathematical Biology, 1-35.