Learning Outcomes Specific to M172:


1) Evaluate integrals using a variety of methods (substitution, integration by parts, partial fraction decomposition, trigonometric substitution)

2) Set up and compute integrals in applied situations, such as finding volumes of solids of revolution, arc length, surface area, work, fluid pressure, and centers of mass

3) Determine convergence/divergence of series via various tests (recognizing geometric series, root test, ratio test, alternating series test)

4) Be familiar with power series (including interval and radius of convergence) and Taylor series expansions of common functions

5) Recognize and graph parametric and polar equations, as well as compute areas and arc length of polar curves



Learning Outcomes Specific to Q-Core Courses


•  Interpret and draw inferences from mathematical models such as formulas, graphs, diagrams or tables.

•  Represent mathematical information numerically, symbolically and visually.

•  Employ quantitative methods in symbolic systems such as, arithmetic, algebra, or geometry to solve problems.