Section numbers are for Rogawski, 3rd edition.

Section 5.7

U-substitution, indefinite:
U-substitution, definite:

Section 5.8

Inverse trig functions, indefinite:
Inverse trig functions, definite:

Section 6.1

Area between curves:
Area between curves for functions x=f(y):

Section 6.2

Volume of a pyramid:
Volume of a described solid:

Section 6.3

Volumes of revolution, disks:
Volumes of revolution, washers:
Volumes of revolution, disks/washers, about a line:

Section 6.4

Volumes of revolution, shells:
Volumes of revolution, shells, about a line:

Section 6.5

Work, another example:

Section 7.1

Integration by Parts:
IBP (definite):
IBP twice:
IBP with substitution first:

Section 7.2

Trig integrals sin/cos:
Trig integrals, half angle identities:
Trig integrals, tan/sec:
Trig integrals, sum of angles identities:

Section 7.3

Trig substitution forms:
Trig substitution, indefinite:
Trig substitution, definite:
Trig substitution with u-sub first:

Section 7.5

Partial fractions, distinct linear:
Partial fractions, repeated linear:
Partial fractions, irreducible quadratic:
Partial fractions, long division:

Section 7.7

Improper integrals, infinity:
Improper integrals, discontinuity, L’Hopital’s:
Comparison Test:

Section 8.1

Arc length:
Arc length, perfect square:
Surface area:

Section 8.2

Fluid force (molasses):

Section 10.1

Sequences, intro:
Sequences, limit definition of e:

Section 10.2

Series, intro:
Series, telescoping:
Series, geometric:

Section 10.3

Integral Test:
Comparison Test:
Limit Comparison Test:
Comparison and LCT Refresher:

Section 10.4

Alternating Series Test:
Estimating sums:
Absolute/Conditional convergence:

Section 10.5

Ratio Test:
Root Test:

Section 10.6

Power series, finding R and I:
Power series, more examples:
Functions as geometric series:
Differentiating and Integrating power series:

Section 10.7

Taylor polynomials:
Building a Taylor Series centered at x=-1, finding R and I:
Taylor series using substitution:
Limits using Maclaurin series:
Integration using Maclaurin series:

Section 11.1

Graphing and converting parametric to Cartesian:
Parametric derivatives:
Lines, Circles, Cycloid:


Parametric arc length and speed:

Section 11.3

Polar equations, graphing, point conversion:
Converting polar and rectangular equations:
Polar curve sketching:

Section 11.4

Polar area:
Polar area between curves:
Polar area - finding points of intersection:
Polar arc length: