Upcoming Classes

  • Fall 2018: Introduction to Linear Algebra (m221)
  • Fall 2018: Numerical Linear Algebra & Optimization (m441)
  • Spring 2019: Graduate Topics: Graphs and Networks (m592)

Previous Teaching


  • Introduction to Linear Algebra (m221)
    Spring 2017, Spring 2018
  • Numerical Linear Algebra and Optimization (m441)
    Fall 2016
  • Mathematical Imaging -- The Math Behind Photoshop (m491/m592)
    Spring 2017
  • Mathematics of Machine Learning (m508)
  • Spring 2018


  • Mathematical Imaging (Math 155)
    Winter 2014, Fall 2014, Fall 2015
  • Machine Learning (Math 156)
    Spring 2015, Spring 2016

Student research

I am always looking for talented students at different stages in their career to work with on any of the broad spectrum of research topics I care about. Inquire within!

Graduate students

  • Catherine Potts, MSU
    Graph-based geometric data analysis: Morphology on graphs

Undergraduate students

  • Thomas Herndon, MSU (supported by USP)
    Graph-based geometric data analysis: Image patches, random graphs, fractals, and the Ulam spiral.


  • 2017: Graph-based geometric data analysis (sponsored by Brittany Fasy)
    Carrington Metts (College of William and Mary)

Previous mentoring

Graduate students

  • Konstantin Dragomiretskiy, UCLA
    Variational mode decomposition
    now MBA UC Berkeley
  • Giang Tran, UCLA
    Non-local Retinex
    now Postdoc at UT Austin
  • Oscar Esteban-Sanz, UPM (Spain)
    Diffusion weighted MR image segmentation with shape priors
    now Postdoc at Stanford
  • Aurelien Bustin, UCLA/Universite d'Orleans (France)Efficient schemes for Beltrami regularization
    now PhD student at TU Munich (Germany)

Undergraduate students

  • Qianyi Yu, UCLA
    Aneurysm hemodynamics
  • Jing An, UCLA
    Microscopy image segmentation; Image segmentation through graph partitioning
    now graduate student at Stanford ICME
  • Mengqi (Mandy) Xia, UCLA
    Particle tracking in neuro-microfluidic microscopy; Image segmentation through graph partitioning
    now graduate student at Cornell CS


  • 2014: Microscopy image segmentation: gold-stamp AFM with artifacts and bias
    Jing An (UCLA), Morgan Weiss (CSULB & USC), James Stevick (Claremont McKenna), Nicholas Takaki (Carnegie Mellon)
  • 2013: Microscopy image segmentation: self-assembled molecule layers
    Daniel Lander (Pepperdine), Dan Zhou (Caltech), Rodrigo A. Rios (UCLA), Matthew Vollmer (UC Davis)