Talk by Dr. Haipeng Shen (Patrick S C Poon Professor in Analytics and Innovation, Faculty of Business and Economics, Univ. of Hong Kong)

6/18/2019  Wilson Hall 1-125  10:00 am

Abstract: Big data are becoming increasingly common in our modern digital business world. More and more data are being collected with ever‐increasing volume, dimensionality, and complexity. We are blessed with the flood of data, as analytical techniques can be called upon to ``mine’' important features from the data, i.e. finding the needles. At the same time, high dimensionality and complexity can be a curse, as the needles are often hidden in a haystack, or multiple haystacks, and classical methods sometimes fail to work for big data. This presentation uses real examples, including customer service call center workforce management and healthcare, to provide a statistician's perspective on how information analytics can assist business decision making by asking the right questions, having the right data, and collaborating with the right people.