Talk by Dr. Derek Williams and Graduate Student, Emmanuel Barton Odro (Dept of Mathematical Sciences, MSU)

4/18/2019  Wilson Hall 1-144  4:10-5:00pm

Abstract: Little to no research can be found on the relationship between student engagement and learning (Fredricks, Blumenfeld, & Paris 2004; Middleton, Jansen, & Goldin, 2017). In our study, student engagement while establishing classroom mathematical practices, we seek to ascertain the relationship that exits between student engagement and collective mathematical argumentation (i.e. student engagement and learning).  In our talk, we will discuss preliminary results from our study. In particular, we will discuss some interesting factors students assert contribute to their engagement as well as mathematical ideas of students as they work in pairs.  There would also be an open discussion about how to merge dynamics between engagement and mathematical classroom practices to better understand the bigger picture between engagement and learning.