Fall 2019:

November 4

Kate Stange (Dept. of Mathematics, Univ of Colorado at Boulder):  Title of Talk is "Illustrating the arithmetic of imaginary quadratic fields"

September 3

Dr. Karen Uhlenbeck (Distinguished Visiting Professor School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study): Title of Talk is "Glimpses into the Calculus of Variations" (this talk was not recorded when Dr. Uhlenbeck spoke at MSU, however it is the same talk that she gave when receiving the Abel prize, which is what is linked here).

Spring 2019:

January 10

Dr. Nathan Geer (Dept of Mathematics and Statistics, Utah State University): Title of Talk is "Re-normalized Link Invariants"

March 14

Dr. Kate Petersen (Dept of Mathematics, Florida State University): Title of Talk is "Character Varieties and Symmetries of 3-Manifolds" 

March 28

Dr. Marcin Bownik (Department of Mathematics, University of Oregon):  Title of Talk is "Exponential frames and syndetic Riesz sequences"

April 25

Dr. Alex Zupan (Department of Mathematics, University of Nebraska):  Title of Talk is "A special case of the Smooth 4-dimensional PoincarĂ© Conjecture"