The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a B.S. in Mathematics with options in mathematics, applied mathematics, statistics, and mathematics teaching. We also offer a M.S. in Mathematics with options in mathematics and mathematics education, as well as a M.S. in Statistics. The Accelerated M.S. Program (AMSP) is designed to assist MSU undergraduates in earning both a B.S. in Mathematics and a M.S. in a total of five years. These programs are referred to as 4 + 1 programs.


Broad Description: Undergraduate students earning a B.S. in Mathematics or Statistics at Montana State University may accelerate their program through any combination of Advanced Placement Credit, transfer credit, and higher semester credit loads so that they may receive their B.S. degree after four years and their M.S. degree after the fifth year. The B.S. is a 120 credit degree, normally completed in four years. The M.S. is a 30 credit degree, normally completed in two years. Under the AMSP this will usually be a coursework only (non-thesis) degree.

  • During years 1-3 (or approximately 0-90 credits) students will be taking undergraduate coursework. A minimum of 90 undergraduate credits must be completed at the time of application to the Accelerated M.S. Program (AMSP).
  • The usual application procedures for both the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the Graduate School, including the application fees apply. Normally the B.S. will be awarded at the end of the senior (transition) year and enrollment in the M.S. degree will commence at the start of the fifth (graduate) year.
  • Once admitted to the AMSP, the student may take up to 15 credits of 400- or 500-level coursework and reserve it to apply to their M.S. degree. A maximum of 12 credits of 400-level coursework may be applied to their M.S. degree. While an undergraduate, students are required to keep their undergraduate coursework cumulative GPA at 3.3 or higher and their graduate coursework cumulative GPA at 3.0 or higher to be admitted to the M.S.
  • After completion of all B.S. requirements, students will be granted graduate status and be eligible for graduate assistantships and tuition waivers.
  • At least 15 credits must be taken while in graduate status, after completing all degree requirements for the B.S.
  • All M.S. requirements referenced at must be fulfilled.