International Students at MSU 

Graduate Teaching Assistantship

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a number of graduate teaching assistantships (GTA) to new or continuing students.  In exchange for teaching or assisting in one lower division mathematics or statistics course, GTAs are provided a monthly stipend that includes funding to help defer the cost of health care.   The stipend is for an academic year (10 months).  With an estimated commitment of 19 hours weekly, qualified GTAs are involved in delivering undergraduate instruction, leading weekly recitation sessions, attending weekly meetings, holding office hours, and tutoring one hour each week in the Math Learning Center; all within their areas of expertise.  Tuition waivers are also provided for up to a maximum of 12 credits per semester for the GTA.   The waivers do not cover the various fees associated with a student’s tuition.  Another opportunity for graduate teachers is to be the recipient of aStannard Teaching Award. M.S. Data Science students are generally not eligible for GTA appointments.

Graduate Research Assistantship

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers a small number of graduate research assistantships (GRA).  GRAs often conduct research in a relevant area of their major course of study under the direction of a faculty member.  The research is usually a component of the faculty advisor's research that is directly supported by external funding.  GRAs generally are expected to carry out a specific research project, which often forms the basis for a thesis or dissertation.  GRA general duties include: performing experiments, calculations, analyzing results and disseminating knowledge orally or in written publications, reflecting on the state of the field and proposing new research problems, attending conferences to present results, training and supervision of less experienced research personnel.  Current graduate research opportunities within the department include Statistical Consulting and Research Services (SCRS) and MTPeaks.

Fee Waivers, PhD Summer Fellowships, and Travel Grants:

The Department of Mathematical Sciences offers financial assistance in other forms to its graduate students.  Most of the additional funding comes through fee waivers, summer fellowships and travel grants.  These grants are due to the generous and ongoing donations of Dr. Gary G. Sackett and other anonymous donors.  Dr. Sackett's donations fund a portion of our summer fellowships and travel grants.  For a summary, please visit the following  Dr. Gary G. Sackett Awards.


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