Fees are approved by the Montana Board of Regents of Higher Education and are subject to change on an annual basis. Fees for resident and non-resident graduate students can be found in the MSU Catalog Fee Schedule. Residents of Western states may be eligible for a waiver allowing them to receive resident rates through the Western Regional Graduate Program.

Waivers are only available to students fully admitted to the MSMME program. Qualified individuals must include with their application a letter stipulating that they are a legal resident of one of the above states and wish to be considered for Western Regional Graduate (WICHE) status.

Financial aid through MSU is not typically available for fall and spring when MSMME teachers are taking only 3 credits. Some non-resident participants may be eligible for financial support from their school districts or local programs.

Because teachers have unique responsibilities at work and home, not all MSMME students will progress in the program at the same pace. The typical summer load is 6 or 7 credits. In-service teachers are discouraged from taking more than one online course each fall and spring. By following an "ideal" program of study, a teacher can complete the program in 3 summers and 2 academic years. It is expected that most students will complete the degree over a 2-3 year period.

There are several guidelines governing courses taken at MSU or another institution before being admitted into a specific graduate program. Guidelines for transfer credits can be found on the Web page of the MSU Graduate School. For further details contact the Graduate School at 1-800-255-7962. 

No, GRE scores are not required for admission into the MSMME program. However, the GRE is required if you plan to be on campus during the academic year and are seeking a teaching assistantship.

Campus housing is available in the summer for individuals and for families. Prices are very reasonable. Call 406-994-2661 for more information or see Residence Life.

Please note: MSU has health insurance and immunization requirements that must be met prior to registration for classes, even online classes.. Call 406-994-2311 for more information or see Student Health Services

University Information Technology (UIT) Services can assist you in an technical difficulties (helpdesk@montana.edu)

The MSMME program is administered as a graduate program of the Department of Mathematical Sciences and the MSU Graduate School. Their Web pages describe all requirements for obtaining graduate degrees at MSU.