Registration for MSMME courses can be completed online or in person through the MSU Registrar's Office.  

Summer Session 2019

Academic Year 2019-20
Fall 2019: August 26 - December 13
Spring 2019: TBD

Please see the Schedule of Classes for the dates with this link,


M 523 3 cr.
Number Structures

M525 3 cr.
Analysis for Teaching
Online Course offered Fall                       

M524 3 cr.
Linear Algebra for Teaching

M529 3 cr.
Assessment Models and Issues
Online Course offered Fall

M518 3 cr. 
Statistics for Teaching
Online Course

M527 3 cr.
Geometry for Teaching
Online Course offered Spring

M520 3 cr.
Standards-Based Mathematics
Online Course

M528 3 cr.
Curriculum Design 
Online Course offered Spring                                                                                         



Updated Spring 2019