Reece in the LeavesMy first time climbing.Cousins at St. Mary LakeMe in Marrakech.Driving through Wyoming.Gus looking out over McDonald Lake.Family picture in field of sunflowers..Me and my mother at waterfall in Yellowstone.Boats on the shore of McDonald Lake.Partial family picture at Lake Louise.Marina at Swiftcurrent Lake.Marina looking over the Dam in Amsterdam.Peacock at the Efteling.Family photo at Lake Louise.Family going to the sun.Anna and Gus going to the sun.Flowers up Hyalite.Family in Monschau.Family at Beehive Basin.Family at Beehive Basin.Ghent.Scuba diving in Thailand River Crossing along The Beaten PathA beautiful beach in ThailandA lake along The Beaten PathClimbing Outdoors for the first time School of fish off the coast of Thailand

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