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Jarek Kwapisz


Wilson 2-240

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  • Beside the familiar vectors in space there are many other objects in mathematics that fit into a similar algebraic framework. They can be considered as abstract vectors and form vector spaces that behave like the familiar lines and planes. The course will be split between studying vector spaces theoretically (including many rigorous proofs) and exploration of exciting examples and applications. A solid command of Matrix Theory (M 221) will be critical for computations and understanding. Course Outline is here.


  • Linear Algebra (3rd edition, 2011 Brooks/Cole) by David Poole the publisher's web page for the text 
  • The text is wickedly expensive (unless you poke around the internet) but widely loved and should be a good investement. It is self-contained in that it includes all of the M 221 material. We will cover a selection of more advanced topics including all of Chapter 6, most of Chapter 7, and a number of applications.

Homework and Quizzes

  • Homework will be assigned in class. Quizzes (administered roughly once a week) will be tied pretty closely to the homework, but need not be exactly like the homework problems.


(tentative; see also Official Term Calendar for important dates.)

  • Exam 1: some time in October in class (no makeups)
  • Exam 2: some time in November in class (no makeups)
  • Final Examination: 11 Dec 2012 (2:00 - 3:50 PM) in Wilson 1-117 (per the registrar's office )

Grading Weights

  1. Exam 1 = 25%
  2. Exam 2 = 25%
  3. Quizzes = 25%
  4. Final = 25% 
    Total = 100%