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My background is in Dynamical Systems. I have worked on problems in several subject areas, including integral and differential equations, iterated maps modeling coupled non-linear oscillators, pattern formation in fourth-order Hamiltonian systems, ergodic theory and entropy in smooth and symbolic dynamics, cohomological Conley index and cocyclic subshifts, almost-periodic tiling spaces and quasi-crystals, abelian-Nielsen classes and geometry of translation surfaces, and conformal dimension of fractal sets. I am currently interested in quasi-symmetric renormalization for infinitely ramified fractals, Anosov maps on infra-nil manifolds, non-Meyer substitution Delone sets, and applications of geometry of Stokes space to multi mode fiber-optic communication.

Current Teaching

    • M 547 Measure Theory (Fall 2020, MWF 11:00 AM Gains 148, see D2L for details)

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PhD Students

  • Eric Fink (2020)
  • Hannah (Sobek) Bergren (2016)
  • Andy Bouwman (2013)
  • David Buhanan (2012)
  • Mark Mathison (2012)

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