The goal of the MT PEAKS program is to broaden the training of doctoral students in the mathematical sciences so that they are equipped to pursue career paths beyond the traditional academic tract.  The project is a collaboration among the Department of Mathematical Sciences (MathStat), the newly developed Montana multi-university Materials Science (MTSI) interdisciplinary doctoral program, plus business, industry, and government (BIG) partners.

PEAKS Major Activities: 

  • Interdisciplinary research project involving a BIG-inspired venture and two MTSI lab rotations.
  • Internship experience with a BIG Partner.
  • Preparatory Coursework and Professional Development Endeavors.

Student Participants:

  • PEAKS Fellows - A fellow is provided one academic year of a GRA stipend and tuition support in order to participate in all of the program activities listed below.  Each year, three fellows are selected.
  • PEAKS Affiliates - Affiliates are not financially supported.  Their time commitment is much less than the fellows, as they are expected to participate in the activities, 7-8 (listed below), as well as do one modest lab experience.

All PEAKS Program Activities:

  1. One Lab Rotation in a Materials Science (MTSI) lab on campus
  2. An interdisciplinary research project that is developed by the student, student's advisor, PEAKS Team, MTSI faculty members involved in the project and a BIG partner.  Whenever possible, research projects will be coordinated with the BIG partner in anticipation of a summer internship complementing the project or providing continued project support.
  3. BIG summer internship
  4. Coursework preparation
  5. An optional chapter of the thesis is dedicated to the research project
  6. An optional PhD committee member from MTSI and/or BIG partner
  7. Attend quarterly group meetings
  8. Attend interactive discussions with BIG partners.

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