Challenge of courses cannot be used to fulfill University Core requirements. Challenge of courses is an acceptable means of demonstrating competency in only the subset of courses listed below. In most courses in mathematics and statistics, and in all advanced courses, major components of the course material and content are furnished by the class instructor. This content can only be learned by class attendance, a feature which renders some courses ineligible for challenge credit.

Courses in which challenge credit may be obtained:

  • M 151 Precalculus*
  • M 161 Survey of Calculus
  • M 165 Calculus for Technology I
  • M 166 Calculus for Technology II
  • M 171 Calculus I*
  • M 172 Calculus II
  • M 273 Multivariable Calculus
  • M 274 Introduction to Differential Equations
  • Stat 216 Introduction to Statistics
  • Stat 217 Intermediate Statistical Concepts

(*CLEP Exam available in MSU Testing Services - 19 Renne Library, 994-6984)

Students who wish to challenge courses numbered 300 and above should check with the Department of Mathematical Sciences.

Course Challenge Procedures:

  • A student must meet all requirements in the MSU catalog, including:
    • Application for challenge credit will not be allowed if either of the following cases exist:
      • The student has previously received a grade other than W in the course or
      • The student has previously taken the course for zero credit.
  • Application for challenge credit is made on forms available from the Registrar's Office.
  • A fee of $30 per credit will be charged and must be paid prior to taking the challenge exam.
  • In cases where CLEP exams are available they will be used for determining the awarding of challenge credit in a course.
  • Demonstration of course competency will include the following:
    • A written midterm that must be passed before going further.
    • A written final that will cover the entire course material.
    The grade will be determined by the performance on both exams.