Math Placement is determined by a combination of these measures:

  • ACT or SAT Math Score or EdReady Initial Math Placement (IMP) score

  • Pre-requisite college course (including transfer courses with appropriate scores/grades)

  • For first-time freshmen: senior year math course and high school GPA in combination with the above

Most new students will be placed using a combination of their ACT or SAT or IMP score and their high school GPA. Students who don't have an ACT or SAT score will use EdReady IMP to help determine math placement. Please note: MSU does not use high school math courses to place students in MSU courses. Information about high school math courses is used in combination with ACT or SAT or IMP scores to determine a student's placement.

Placement for Students without Test Scores

  • Students without an ACT or SAT math score will complete the online EdReady IMP during orientation. You will receive information about how to take the EdReady IMP after you register for orientation.
  • Transfer students who have successfully completed a math course at another institution that transfers into MSU as an elective should reach out to the MSU mathematical sciences department ( to determine if they should complete on the online EdReady math program to determine best placement, or if their transfer course can qualify as a prerequisite for another MSU math course.