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The MSC is a drop-in tutoring center for students in eligible courses. Our qualified tutoring staff will assist in developing understanding by guiding students through the learning process. We help students obtain the necessary study skills in order to communicate course material effectively and take responsibility for their own learning. See the FAQ below to get more information about how the MSC works! We look forward to seeing you soon.

Your CatCard is required for entry to the MSC to confirm your course eligibility.

Hours and Location


Fall 2023

  • Monday-Thursday 9am-6pm
  • Friday 9am-5pm
  • Romney Hall 220

Note: The MSC is closed on all university holidays and these hours apply to all regular class days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gallatin College Courses: M021-M121, M005-M105, M063, M088, M090

CLS Courses: M105, M121, M132, M133, M151, M161, M165, M166, M171, M172, M181, M182, M221, M234, M273, M274, M283, & M284.

STAT216, STAT217, & STAT332.

Our staff are undergraduate tutors, Department of Mathematical Sciences Instructors, and Gallatin College Instructors. These Instructors consist of both  graduate students and teaching faculty. 

These undergraduate tutors come from a variety of majors such as mathematics, mathematics education, and engineering. We have between 5-10 tutors on staff at all times and the combined experience typically covers most course levels at any given time.

The MSC is a drop-in tutoring center for certain eligible courses only. We scan student IDs to ensure students are enrolled in one of the courses listed above.

We are sorry, but the expertise of our tutors only covers that of the eligible courses listed above. We cannot offer assistance for other courses.

The undergraduate student at the sign-in desk will ask for your Cat card. They will swipe the card and confirm you are enrolled in a course. We encourage you to sit at the table with your course number assigned to it as you'll likely find other students taking that course sitting there. Of course, however, sit where is most comfortable for you. Once you arrive, get out your assignment, course notes, and pencil. Raise your hand when you have a question and a tutor will come over to assist you.

It's a great idea to bring any materials necessary to effectively work on your assignments. Bring your course notes, textbook, and/or computer if desired. The MSC also has chromebooks you can check out for use on site. Once you've worked on a problem and have a question, raise your hand and a tutor will come to you to assist.

Please come prepared to invest your time and energy in fostering new and improved study skills. You can expect a tutor to ask you what you have already attempted. They might inquire where the material is located in your notes. They might ask what your thoughts are on an initial direction for the problem. If you plan on re-watching any course videos, you can expect a tutor to request you use headphones.

Yes! Honestly, a lot of us don't know how to start a math or statistics problem immediately. We must all read the problem a couple of times and think about what we've learned and how to address the problem in front of us. It's okay to not know exactly where to start. Your job is to think of some ideas about what could be a place to start. It's okay if ultimately, we need to go in a different direction. The tutor's job is to understand where you are so they can help guide you through the learning process by developing your critical thinking skills.

Learning can be a frustrating process. Our tutors are trained in helping you develop responsibility for your own learning so you can approach many math and statistics problems in the future--not just the one immediately in front of you. The purpose of the MSC is to engage you in learning how to learn mathematics and/or statistics. There is a lot more to this process than providing single answers. Try to keep this larger picture in mind and understand that it may be possible they tried to help you be able to approach another similar problem in the future.

If you feel that a tutor did not adequately check back in on you after providing initial assistance, ask them to. Once you've gotten set up with a problem, it is common that a tutor will make themselves available to other students while you work through the remainder of the problem. Before they step away, ask "Would you come back and check on me in a little while?"

The MSC can get very busy on exam days and when course assignments are due. In the past, Wednesday is the least busy. This semester, Thursday morning has been the least attended. It's always a good idea to start assignments with plenty of time in advance of the due date. This way, if you discover you need help, you can plan the time you need in the MSC.
Yes. The undergraduate student at the desk is also a tutor. Please bring your question to the front desk. Sometimes, and especially during the passing period between class times, the front desk tutor is quite busy scanning people in and out of the center. Please have patience as this is their primary job duty when sitting at the desk. When getting help from the desk tutor, please ask only one question at a time and do not use this as your primary work space.


A student receiving assistance from another student.

Working in the MSC

Working in the MSC is fun and rewarding! As a MSC Tutor you empower your peers with successful learning strategies. Our tutors gain valuable work experience while enhancing their own math confidence, enjoying the camaraderie with the other MSC Staff, and the opportunity to schedule work between classes. Please see below for the job responsibilities, requirements, and preferred experience. 

Under general supervision of the MSC Director and Assistant Directors, tutors will:

  • assist students to become more confident in their quantitative skills and stronger, self-directed learners.
  • be flexible, patient, and able to adapt to a variety of different tutoring situations and levels of understanding.
  • practice active listening strategies to allow tutee to determine the content and pace of tutoring.
  • participate in professional development meetings and activities to improve tutorial skill and subject competency.
  • make appropriate referrals to other campus resources as needed.
  • create a professional and welcoming environment by being aware, respectful, and inclusive of the multiple identities and layered experiences of each unique individual.
  • manage front desk responsibilities such as greeting students or management of MSC materials.
  • attend required orientation prior to the start of the semester.


  • You must have one of the following academic requirements:
    • Successful completion of M172 (Calculus II) or higher
    • A successful combination of S217 (Intermediate Statistics) and first semester calculus or higher
    • Successful completion of M234 (Higher Math for K-8 Teachers) or higher
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Demonstrated reliability and honesty
  • Sensitivity and compassion for a variety of academic needs
  • Positive and patient demeanor
  • Previous experience as a tutor is welcome but not required.
  • The MSC welcomes applications from individuals who may have had a non-traditional academic path or who have achieved excellence outside of academia.
  • The MSC is especially interested in candidates who, through their service, will contribute to the diversity and excellence of the MSC community.


Tutor applications for positionts starting in Fall 2024 are now being accepted! Please follow the link to the application. Applications will be due by 5pm on April 12, 2024. Screening of applicants will begin on April 1st, so if you apply earlier than that, you can expect a response in April. 

Incomplete applications will not be considered.  Be sure to follow instructions. For special inquiries, contact Elizabeth Mery.

MSC Faculty

Elizabeth Mery Assistant Director MLC

Elizabeth Mery


    Romney Hall 220- C
   (406) 994-2962
Derek Conder

Derek Conder

Assistant Director

   Romney Hall 220-D
   (406) 994-2962
Justin Gomez

Justin Gomez

Gallatin College- Assistant Director

   Romney Hall 220-D
   (406) 994-2962