Our Itinerary

We flew into Athens (2 nights), then rented a car and drove to Delphi (1 night), then continued along the west coast (1 night) to the Zagoria region of Greece (2 nights). After Meteora (1 night), we hit the east coast of Greece (1 night), then headed back to drop off the car and catch a ferry to and from Samos (1 week).

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Two days is more than enough time for Athens. At the AcropolisA great day trip out of Athens is to Cape SounionEnjoying my first liter of the sweet Greek wine The remains of the temple to Apollo in DelphiA sacrifice at the entrance to the stadium at DelphiTent camping in Greece is awesome!The last major city before going into the Zagoria in Central Greece is IonninaThe Pindos Mountains in the Zagoria region of northwestern Greece. The Vikos GorgeOn the eastern edge of the Pindos MountainsWe hopped on a ferry in Pireas (near Athens) and took a 12 hour ferry to the island of Samos Sunset over Pythagorio, Samos, birthplace of the ancient geometer PythagorusOne of the many vineyards in the valley between Voliotes and Monolates (Samos)The Chapel Profitisilias just below the summit of Mt Vigla, in clouds, at 4769 feet. My two favorite Greeks on the planet at St John's Monastery on the holy island of PatmosIn Ephesus, Turkey (a day trip from Samos)

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