Pursuing my lonely way down the valley, I turned again and again to gaze on the glorious picture, throwing up my arms to inclose it as in a frame. After long ages of growth in the darkness beneath the glaciers, through sunshine and storms, it seemed now to be ready and waiting for the elected artist, like yellow wheat for the reaper; and I could not help wishing that I were that artist. I had to be content, however, to take it into my soul.

John Muir (1838-1914)

Research Interests

My research interests include modeling complex biological systems (biofilms in the clinic, environment and on the benchtop in the lab, neural coding; vision systems) Bayesian inverse problems, iterative sampling from high dimensional densities, bifurcation theory with symmetries, and annealing/clustering schemes. Some of my work:

Complex systems:


In Spring 2020, I teach Linear Algebra, M333.  


For fun, I trampcanoehunt and bike. At home, I enjoy readingchess, and the acoustic guitar. Before kids, I used to lindy.

Other Stuff