On our way back from New Zealand in June, Becky and I spent a month in South America. Great people and new friends, culture shock, language, landscapes, bus rides, morning sickness.

When we planned this trip, there were a few sporadic on-line 4 week itineraries, from which we put together the following, which I give in painful detail to perhaps help another:

4 week itinerary, South (Santiago, Chile) to North (Lima, Peru): 

Arrive in Santiago (2 nights), late flight to Calama and then a bus to San Pedro De Atacama (4 nights), Land-Cruiser across the Salar De Uyuni into Bolivia (2 nights), 6 hr night bus to Potosi (+ 1 more night), then morning bus to Sucre (3 nights), 2 day walk through Crater de Maragua (1 night), 12 hour overnight bus to Cochabamba (+ 2 more nights), 7 hour overnight bus to La Paz (+ 2 more nights), 3.5 hr morning bus to Copacabana (1 night), 4 hour boat to Isla Del Sol (1 night), 15 hour overnight bus to Cuzco in Peru (+ 2 more nights), bus and taxi to Ollantaytambo (2 nights), bus to Pisac (1 night). Fly to Lima (1 night), and then out.


The smog makes for a pretty photo of La Plaza De Armas en Santiago, ChileEl Tatio Geyser at sunrise, a day's journey from San Pedro De Atacama in northern Chile.At almost 20,000 feet on Cerro Toko, with other picture perfect volcanoes in the backgroundWe entered Bolivia and La Salar De Uyuni with Coulque ToursThere are 12000 square kilometers of salt flats en La Salar De Uyuni Bolivia's most beautiful cityEl Mercado De Tarabuco, a day trip from Sucre, is full of locals and their wares. Caminando en los Calles De Sucrethe Inca Trail A weaver en Maragua.Cochabamba (12 hours from Sucre)Becky went to high school with Janke, a Cochabambina, who got married in her native town on July 19, 2008, one of the main reasons for our trip. This alligator lives in a children's playgroundLa Plaza Pedro Murillo en La PazCopacabana and its wee fleet Nope, this is not the Mediterranean! Walk through Challapampa A 15hr overnight bus took us to Cuzco in PeruTourist jewel of Peru and the symbol of ancient Incan mightLa Plaza de Constitucion en Pisac de la Valle de SagradaEl Palacio de Gobierno en La Plaza De Armas de Lima.Here's the Virgin Mary de Sud America con nino en Catedral De Lima.

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