Situated in the grand Rocky Mountains, there is a plethora of outdoor opportunities in and around Bozeman. There are many ranges within 10-50 minutes from Bozeman: Bridgers, Gallatins, Absaorkas, BeerTooths, Tabaccos and Crazies. Hyalite and Gallatin Canyons are gorgeous. The Yellowstone, Madison and Gallatin Rivers are legendary.

Rock climbing: Bozeman Pass and Scorched Earth for single pitch bolted routes, The Frog for multi-pitch bolted routes, Hylatite Canyon for single pitch trad routes, and Gallatin Canyon for multi-pitch trad routes. There's excellent climbing an hour away: Revenue Flats, DragonsBack, Spire Rock (includes the King and Queen), Indian Creek, HumBug Spires (two hours).

The National Parks:

  • Yellowstone 90 miles south of Bozeman, a network of roads and trails through geyser fields, mountains and valleys almost guarantees a chance of spotting wildlife. Plus the concessions throughout the park serve your every need.
  • Glacier (our fav) 5 hours north of Bozeman, called "the coolest place in the whole world" by Bozeman's renowned math educator Hildee Rockman. If incredible crags and glacier-spawned lakes make you say wow, this is the place for you.
  • Tetons 3 hours south of Bozeman, the world famous Tetons are adjacent and south of Yellowstone. Lots of easy trails along mountain lakes accomodate many views of the behometh peaks. Multi-pitch climbs up the Grand or Middle Tetons, bolted routes in Jackson Hole. This is a must stop if you are coming up to Bozeman from the south (from Salt Lake City perhaps?).

You need not climb or enter the parks to experience a great outdoor adventure. There are many U.S. Forest Service maintained access trails within close proximity to Bozeman that are free from crowds. There arehikes and bikes for every level of ability and places to try your hand at flyfishing. You can rubber tube (Madison), raft or kayak (Upper Gallatin or Upper Yellowstone) or canoe (Lower Gallatin and Lower Yellowston). You can dance. You can backpack in and stay at a cabin.

There's lots to do downtown too! Check out one of Bozeman's museums. Or:

  • Take a walking tour of the historic homes and gardens!
  • Visit the galleries, sip coffee, and people watch on Main!
  • Check out Bozeman from atop Pete's Hill
  • Hike up to Sacajawea Peak to feel like you're on top of the world!
  • Explore Lewis and Clark Caverns!
  • Drive up Hyalite Canyon!
  • Cinema!
  • Just sitting back and relaxing!

Experience our small town noted for its cultural and artistic flair. Whether you're a city slicker or a country bumpkin, whether you're a toddler or a senior citizen, Bozeman's got something for you.