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Grants Funding Mathematics, Statistics, and Mathematics Education Programs
PI (and Co-PI) Name of Grant Funder
Dr. David Ayala CAREER:  Factorization Homology and Geometric Representation Theory National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. David Ayala Collaborative Research: Factorization Homology, Deformation Theory and Duality National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Katie Banner Ecological Statistics to Improve Whitebark Pine Monitoring in the Western US US Geological Survey (USGS)
Dr. Elizabeth Burroughs Mathematicians Educating Undergraduates through Teaching Applications in Mathematics National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Mary Alice Carlson Advancing Equity and Strengthening Teaching with Elementary Mathematical Modeling National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Mary Alice Carlson Co-Learning Math Teaching Project National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Mary Alice Carlson Montana Models: Connecting Local and Disciplinary Practices through University-Community Partnerships National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Nicole Carnegie Increasing PrEP use in High-Risk Social Networks of African American MSM in Underserved Low-Uptake Cities National Institute of Nursing Research (NIH)
Dr. Nicole Carnegie Modeling and Simulation Tools for Optimizing Design of Network-Informed Clinical Trials of Combination HIV Prevention Interventions National Institute of Health (NIH)
Dr. Blair Davey Unique Continuation Properties of the Schrodinger Operator Simons Foundation
Dr. Lisa Davis Collaborative Research: Mechanistic Models of Cooperative Bio-polymerization Processes National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Lisa Davis (PI) and Dr. John Borkowski (Co-PI) MT PEAKS - MonTana Partnership for Enrichings mAthematical Knowledge and Statistical Skills National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Tomas Gedeon An Adaptive Pipeline from Scientific Data to Models Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
Dr. Tomas Gedeon Needle in a Haystack: Effective Search for Dynamics in the Space of Networks National Institute of Health (NIH)
Dr. Tomas Gedeon Tripods+X: Res: Collaborative Research: Identification of Gene Regulatory Network Function from Data National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Ryan Grady CURM:  Farey Recursion National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Mark Greenwood Cerebrospinal Fluid-Biomarkers-Based Diagnostic and Prognostic Models for Multiple Sclerosis National Multiple Sclerosis Society
Dr. Mark Greenwood Clinical and Translational Research Infrastructure Network Year 8 National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Dr. Stacey Hancock Collaborative Research: Indian Education in Computing: a Montana Story National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Stacey Hancock Topology for Data Science:  An Introductory Workshop for Undergraduates National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Andrew Hoegh Integrating Multi-Type and Multi-Species Ecology Data US Geological Survey (USGS)
Dr. Scott McCalla Collaborative Research:  Nonlocal Interfaces in Biological Systems National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Megan Wickstrom Developing and Exploring Meaningful Modeling Curricula for Future K-8 Teachers National Science Foundation (NSF)
Dr. Tianyu Zhang 104B State Water Resources Research Institute Program US Geological Survey (USGS)
Dr. Tianyu Zhang Determining How a Dynamic Microbiome Contributes to Cystic Fibrosis Lung Disease Nat'l Institute of Allergy & Infectious Diseases (NIH)
Dr. Dominique Zosso Graph-based Geometric Data Analysis Simons Foundation