Ryan Grady


  • Ph.D. (2012) and M.S. (2009) University of Notre Dame
  • B.S. (2007) Colorado School of Mines

Research Interests

My research program is (broadly) to study the geometry and topology of manifolds through techniques of quantum field theory (QFT) in a mathematically rigorous setting.  In addition, I study some fundamental connections between QFT, derived geometry, and higher Lie theory. 


Here are some of my students and their work:


(w. Heather Abramson, Eric Chesebro, Vivian Cummins, Cory Emlen, and Kenton Ke) Involve (accepted) arXiv

(w. Anna Schenfisch) Beiträge zur Algebra und Geometrie (accepted)  arXiv

(w. Mark Poston) Pi Mu Epsilon Journal (2021)  arXiv

 (w. Clara Brasseur and Stratos Prassidis). ArXiv: math/0607351


Ryan on Emigrant

Cirque on approach to Sacagawea