M.S. Statistics Program

The Master of Science degree in statistics at Montana State University gives students a solid background in the theory of statistics and hands-on practice in the application of statistics to real problems. Students in this program prepare either for further graduate work or for academic, industrial, business, or government employment. Upon entrance, each student meets with the department's Graduate Program Committee to discuss career objectives and first year coursework. During the second semester in the program each student forms a Graduate Committee and, with that committee, builds an outline of the courses to be taken.

The prerequisites for the master's degree program in statistics consist of the following semester courses or their equivalent: Multivariable Calculus (M 273), Linear Algebra (M 333 or M 441), Probability (STAT 421), and Mathematical Statistics (STAT 422). Students who have not completed these courses may still enter the master's program. It is suggested that these courses then be taken after enrolling which will require three years to complete the MS program.

The M.S. in Statistics is part of the 
WRGP program (Western Regional Graduate Program), which offers reduced tuition for students from eligible western states.