Certificate for Dual Enrollment Mathematics Teachers

Dual enrollment courses in mathematics allow high school students to get a leg-up in college coursework. States set their own requirements about how high school teachers become qualified to offer dual enrollment courses; in Montana, high school teachers seeking to teach dual enrollment mathematics courses need a master’s degree and 9 credit hours of graduate coursework in mathematics.

The Graduate Certificate for Dual Enrollment Mathematics Teachers in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montana State University supports high school teachers by providing a set of three graduate courses in mathematics that provide foundational knowledge and study in algebra, calculus, and statistics. This online certificate can be completed in twelve months, and high school teachers can begin in fall, spring, or summer terms. M 518, Statistics for Teaching, is offered online every summer; M 525, Analysis for Teaching, is offered online every fall; and M 524, Linear Algebra for Teaching, is offered online every spring.

High school teachers enrolled in the certificate will experience the high-quality instruction that characterizes the department’s Master of Science in Mathematics – Mathematics Teaching degree, which adheres to four principles:

  • Principle 1: Teachers benefit from active and contextual learning
  • Principle 2: Teachers benefit from reflection and similar metacognitive processes.
  • Principle 3: Curriculum choices should be influenced by standards.
  • Principle 4: Curriculum should be focused and coherent.

Teachers enrolled in the certificate who wish to continue to earn an M.S. degree in mathematics teaching can do so, and all three courses in the certificate program carry over to the M.S. degree.