*Please note:  All the Writing Projects are in a pdf format.  If you would like to request access to a writing project in a different format, please contact the Mathematical Sciences Department at math@montana.edu.  Thank you*


To t-SNE or not to t-SNE: An Examination of t-SNE's Perplexities - Tristan Anacker

Text Mining - Noah Benedict

Block designs with missing observations: Incorporating MLEs for the missing data in ANOVA model - Laura Lartey

Predicting Match Outcomes on SaltyBet using Bardley-Terry Paired-Comparison Models - Jordan Love

Statistical Analysis for Financial Data: A Case Study of Four Stocks - Sarah McKnight

An Introduction to Line Transect Sampling and Its Applications - Bright Owusu

Implications of Left-Censored Environmental Data Due to Labeling 'Non-Detects' - Laurie Rugemer

Occupancy Models and the Importance of Accounting for Imperfect Detection When Estimating the Probability of Blister Rust Infection in Whitebark Pine Trees in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - Rachel Wyand


An Examination of the Kuiper Test - Esther Birch

Simulation Study of Average Run Lengths in Statistical Process Control and Effect of Non-Normally Distributed Data on ARLS - Steve Durtka

Predicting Range Expansion of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears - Jacob Dym

Uniform Space-Filling Designs and Their Applications in Designed Experiments - Walker Hopkins

Application of the Cox Regression Model to Estimate Dropout Rate in Introductory Statistics - David Lartey

Statistcs Behind the Skill: Cluster Analysis and Data Visualization on Disc Golf Data - Eli Meyer

Investigating Models for Overdispersed Count Data and its Applications - Priscilla Omari-Baah

A Bayesian Mixture Distribution Model for Olympic Weightlifting Scores - Julia Platt

Poststratification: A Case Study - Daniel Quartey

Comparison of Generalized Linear Mixed Model Estimation Methods - Jacob Rich

Predicting the PITCHf/x Pitch Classifier - Christian Stratton


Investigation of ESPN's Total Quarterback Rating - Justin Gomez

Demystifying the Carnegie Classifications: A Sensitivity Analysis - Paul Harmon

A Spatial Prediction Map of Selenium Concentrations - Andrea Mack

Finite Population Correction Methods - Moses Obiri

Transition Probabilities:  Whitebark Pine and Blister Rust in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem - Michaela Powell


Clustering NFL Quarterbacks using QBR Distributions - Douglas Anderson

Visual Sample Plan and Prior Information - Kenneth Flagg

Comparing Variations of the Neyman-Pearson Lemma - William Johnson

Development of an Adaptive, Statistical Model Based, Optimal Control Algorithm - Eric Loftsgaarden

Bayesian Networks - Matthew Pettigrew

Comparing Classical and Bayesian Abundance Estimates - Claire Rasmussen

Abundance Estimation of Snow Leopards in Eastern Afganistan - Samuel Read

Visualizing and Clustering Data that Includes Circular Variables - Garland Will

A Bayesian Approach to Estimating Mallard Duckling Survival - Wilson Wright


Extension Analysis - Lauren Goodwin

Evaluating Population Trend Models for a Hawaiian Forest Bird Species - Bobby Hsu

An investigation into the spatial distribution of use by charter fishermen and the size of sport-caught Pacific halibut in Seward, Alaska over the last two decades - Leslie Gains-Germain

An Overview of Accelerated Life Testing - Diana Marie Liley

An Alternative of Modelling in Spatial Statistics - Tao Huang

A Markov Chain Approach to a Game of Chance - Maya Tsidulko


A Multivariate Analysis of Brewery Draft Beer Sales in Bozeman, MT - Chris Barbour

Bokashi Compost Experiment Analysis - Elizabeth Mosher

Understanding Winter Road Conditions in Yellowstone National Park Using Cumulative Sum Control Charts - Amber Nuxoll

Evaluating the Effectiveness of Occupant Protection - Alyssa Peck

Exploration of Cross-Validation For Selecting the Number of Clusters - Tan Vinh Tran

Investigating Spatial prediction of Blister Rust Infection Rates in Whitebark Pine - Matt Tyers


Panel Studies: Missing Binary Data in a Survey of Whitebark Pine - Cynthia Hollimon

Estimation of the Abundance and Apparent Survival of Spawning Arctice Grayling in Red Rock Creek; Red Rock Lakes National Wildlife Refuge - Terrill Paterson

Biosurveillance: Case-Detection Algorithms and Forecasting Methods

A Review of Adaptive Cluster and It's Applications - Erica Swanson


Correcting for Time-of-Day to Compare Satellite Images and Ground Counts of Weddell Seals in Big Razorback Haul-Out (Erebus Bay, Antarctica) - Katharine Banner

Posterior Predictive Checks for Model Assessment in Occupancy Modeling - Michael Lerch

KernSmoothIRT: An R Package allowing for Kernel Smoothing in Item Response Theory - Brian McGuire

The Analysis of Square Lattice Designs Using R and SAS - Patchanok Srisuradetchai

Ordinal Response Mixed Models: A Case Study - Jade Schmidt

Causal Inference and Major League Baseball - Jamie Thornton


Comparing Men's and Women's Salaries at MSU-Bozeman: Analyses of 2008-2009 Salary Data - Corinne Casolara

Movement of Animals in Complex Environments - Michels


GAMM-Trees for Understanding Northern Hemisphere Temperature Trends - Sydney Akapame

Analyzing Right-Censored Data with MLE Techniques - Dustin Dickerson


Glacial Lake Missoula and the Self Censoring Data Problem - Cody Custis

Investigation of a Bayesian Hierarchical Model for Landscape Genetics - Kezia Manlove

Cluster Analysis of Tribal Data - Elizabeth Marra

An Application of Binary Logistic Regression to College Admissions Data - Michael Sulock

A Study of the Dynamics of Eritrean Malaria Cases at he Subzone Level - Ismael Talke

Analysis of Localized Brain Activity - Olga Vsevolozhskaya


Multivariate Statistical Process Control - Beiyi Cai

Cross Validation for Model Selection in Regression - Glenna Gordon

Generating Space-Filling Designs using Meshes - Greta Linse


Six Sigma - Liz Bishop

Power Analysis and Sample Size Determination - Yin Chang

P.L. Chebyshev and Chebyshev Polynomials - J. Anthony Cookson

Logistic Regression for Matched Pairs Data - Eric Meredith

Analyzing Student Data Before Enrollment to Determine Academic Success at MSU - Ben Sharp

Population Viability Analyses for Populations without Age Structure - Rebecca Taylor

Fixed Depth Slice Illustration of Three-Dimensional Ellipsoid - Steve Walsh


An Assessment of observer Variability in the Identification of Blister Rust Infection in Whitebark Pine - Marsha Huang


Attribute Sampling Plans - Allen Bross

A Comparison of Three Procedures for Creating Bivariate Pairs to be Analyze with Least Squares Regression - Adam Craig

Robustness of Kendall's Tau to Outliers in Sparse Non-zero Count Data - Stacey Hancock

A Bayesian Approach to Hierarchical Model Building - Albert Parker

Random Sum Estimators and their Efficiency - Yurii B. Shvetsov

The Central Limit Theorem, Edgeworth Expansions and an Introduction to Asymptotic Theory - Derek Sonderegger

The Effectiveness and Use of the Rapid Assessment Tool to Estimate the Incidence Rate and Disease Burden of Haemophilus influenzae Type b (Hib) in Developing Countries; A Review of Available Data - Melinda Yager


Impacts of Weather on Rural Highway Operations - Emilie Berglund

An Empirical Hierarchical Bayes Approach to Closed Model Capture-Recapture Abundance Estimation - Tomoharu Eguchi

Mossmain Truck Classification Study - Melissa Harrington

Bioequivalence Testing - Thomas Oakberg

Estimating Population Trend and Process Variation in the Presence of Sampling Error - David Staples

Utility Analysis in Statistics and Applied Psychology - Jifeng Wang

Smallpox: Disease and Vaccine Resurfacing Concerns - Karen Wesenberg

Multivariate Analysis of Variance Applied to Microbiological Experimental Data - Michele Wolf


On the Use of Auxiliary Information on Measurement Error to Improve the Estimation of Environmental Variance in a Gompertz time Series - Matthew Ferrari

Circular Data: An Overview with Discussion of One-Sample Tests - Amanda Scott

Analysis of Edge Effect Transect Data Using Mixed-Effects Models - Alan Swanson

Foldover Designs - Lee Sutton


How to Optimize the Drop Plate Method of Enumerating Bacteria - Becky Herigstad

Detection Limits in Microbiology - Julia Sharp

Application of the Exponential Weighted Moving Average in Detecting Morbidity of Newly Received Calves in a Commercial Feed Lot - Yun Zhu


Relative Species Abundance - Kristie Allen

Whitebark Pine: Capability Methods and Regression Analysis Applied to the Natural Sciences - Eva Marquez

A Sampling Methodology to Obtain Mar-Recapture Data and an Evaluation of Analysis Techniques for Estimating Abundances of Age-0 Rainbow Trout in a Medium-Sized River - Matthew Mitro

Introduction to Robust Estimation with Applications - Ampai Ussawarujikulchai


Analysis of a Repeated Measures Bacterial Attachment Study - Matthew Austin

A Brief Review of Transformation - Xiaohui Cai

The Introduction to the Analysis of Balanced Lattice Designs Using SAS - Boonorm Chomtee

Likelihood Based Inference on The Box-Cox Family of Transformations: SAS and MATLAB Programs - Scott Hyde


A Critical Review of Marbled Murrelet Activity Studies - Joan Brenneman

An Introduction to the Analysis of Crossover Designs - Kamolchanok Choochaow

Population Thresholds for Businesses in the State of Montana - Don Harder

An Approach to Specification Setting for the Manufacture of a Diagnostic Immunoassay - Phil Turk

Elementary Statistics: A Workbook - Virginia Weber


Some Basics of Quality Control Charting - Matt Bodoh

Multiple Comparison Procedures - Sharon Cebula

Types I, II, and III Analyses in Linear Models - Scott Cooley

Ridge Regression - Dave Mikelson


Multiple Regression Analysis of Hydrocarbon Degradation in a Vapor-Phase Biofilm Reactor - Darcie Dunlap

Hybridizing Statistics with Genetic Algorithms - Trenton Pamplin

Gambling in Deadwood, South Dakota - Jill Trimble

Binomial Confidence Intervals - Derek Webb


Fisher's Exact Test Versus the x^2 Approximation for the 2X2 Table - Eric Lloyd

Feature Selection Methods for K-Nearest Neighbor Discriminant Analysis of Acoustic Resonance Signatures - Ben Peressini

D and G Optimality and Efficiency Concerning Response Surface Designs - Shaun Wulff


Remodeling Load Time Variability Data - Michael Amdahl

Sampling Methods for Biological Populations - Kimberly Sinclair


A Consultant's Guide to Sample Size - Karen Summers


A Primer on Confidence Intervals - Scott Alexander

Choosing the Best: Ranking and Selection - Steve Cherry

Confidence Bands for the Survival Curve Based on the Kaplan-Meier Estimate - Ann Walker


A Overview and Illustration of the Em Algorithm - Joe Cavanaugh


A Critical Evaluation of the Statistical Computer Program Spearman - Lisa Bogar